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On Fri, 9 Oct 2009, Oliver Fromme wrote:

Gary Kline <kl...@thought.org> wrote:
>         Whenever I save a wordpeocessoe file [OOo, say] into a
>         text file, I get a slew of hex codes to indicate the char to be
>         used.  I'm looking for a perl one-liner or script to translate
>         hex back into ', ", -- [that's a dash), and so forth.  Why does
>         this fail to trans the hex code to an apostrophe?
>         perl -pi.bak -e 's/\xe2\x80\x99/'/g'

You need to escape the inner quote character, of course.
I think sed is better suited for this task than perl.

That's twice now people have suggested sed instead of perl. Why? For many uses, perl is a better sed than sed. The regex engine is far more powerful and escapes are much simpler.

Because sed is stable and perl is getting all OO and flaky.  Sed will work
like sed for so long as there are unix-like systems.  It is not clear that
perl is going to continue to work.

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