On Sat, 08 Mar 2003, Len Conrad wrote:

> Are you sure that configuring the TX2 as "RAID 0" array is what you want to 
> do, vs "SPAN" (aka JBOD)?

To boot from the Fasttrack card, I needed at least one RAID device
defined in its BIOS.  The Promise tech said a good NOOP was to just have
a one disk striped array.  

> I would guess that under vinum, span/jbod would be best, but just guessing.

In actuality, I wanted the drives mirrored for data integrity.  Now I
have a new 80GiB hard drive on my PC.  I made a 30GiB partition for my
digital pictures and will use rsync to replicate them to the file
server's mirrored array at night.

Now, I've just got one more question about this stuff though... Gonna
take it to another post though...


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