Jeff Laine wrote:
On Sat,10-10-2009 [12:31:01], Kevin Kinsey wrote:
Seems like a lot of the spam we fight comes from
hosts with no DNS entries.  What about using this?

$grep sendmail /etc/hosts.allow

sendmail : KNOWN : allow
sendmail : UNKNOWN : deny

Comments?  anyone tried it?

Hi Kevin!

What you need is 'require_rdns' feature.
Also from my own expirience, dnsbl feature of
> Sendmail works great for spammers scum.

TYTY!  Bang-Smack-Out of the park.  Lemme
know where I can send {$beverage}.

Mail queue (Sendmail dual + amavid-new + spamassassin)
is down from 100+ to < 10 after adding that to .mc
and rebooting.  Thanks a bunch  :-)

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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