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If I have understand ntp right it is possible to hook up my machines to the machine running the ntp server. nevertheless I am not able to find anywhere helping me with configuring these machines to connect to my server and I am still not bright enough to figure out the syntax myself. Does anyone know about a web page or anything that my Googling have missed ? Or perhaps I have gailed to grasp nto correct, and all machines must be configured like the handbook says to connect to external machines ?

Leaving aside two areas which could cover a multitude of complications should you pursue them, namely

1) You start setting various security settings and make your ntp server effectively unreachable, or

2)  the ability of your local server to multicast time data,

your local ntp server should look like any other ntp server to which you have access (other than for less latency and jitter should your network be "normal").



in the ntp.conf of your client machines and see what happens. The "peers" query from the ntpq program should let you know if you have success or have somehow locked yourself out / blocked access.

Feel free to give us specifics of what you're doing if this doesn't work.

BTW, the above assumes that you mean setting up your various local machines to all use ntpd, but not all query outside machines. If this isn't it, you're going to have to tell us what you mean by "hook up my machines to the machine running the ntp server."


--Jon Radel

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