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nVidia support on i386 FreeBSD is not much better. One can use an nVidia
card with 7.1 but under 7.2 one hits the dreaded mtrr error. A Google
search finds many posts on how to fix this but none of them seem to work.
I could be wrong but nVidia does not seem to be very interested in working
with the FreeBSD project to address these problems. ATI also seems to have
a problem with mtrr under 7.2. I'm still trying to sort this out. I hope
8.0 will address these problems.

All of my cards are ATI and I don't know of the "mtrr" problem you're
talking about.  This X1650 works fine on i386 with both 7-STABLE and

Try starting X with DRI, then quit X, and restart X again. If you
don't have DRI anymore, chances are you've hit the ominous MTRR

I do that all the time without noticeable problems, but then this particular card is an RV530 or RV560 chipset which has been supported for quite a while. Most or all of the Radeon HD cards are R600 or R700 chipsets, and that's still work in process.

I seem to have this problem with an ATI HD 3200, using the radeonhd
driver under RELENG_7. It's pretty annoying, that if X crashes (or
you have to stop it for some reason), you only get DRI support again
after rebooting. :-(

Plain radeon driver from xf86-video-ati works best here, although I haven't tried radeonhd for a while.

Having said this, IMHO ATI will probably be better supported in the
long run on FreeBSD, because they have released the specs of rather
recent chipsets, while nVidia has not (AFAIK).


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