Is multiplying out the size and used columns from
vmstat -z completely in addition to the amount used in vmstat -m, or
do some of them overlap?

vmstat -z | sed 's,^.*:,,' | sed -E 's,^ +,,' | sed -E
's/^([0-9]+),[^,]+, +/\1*/;s/,.*$//' | egrep '^[0-9]' | bc | add

Is netstat -m accounted for in one of the two vmstat's?

systat -vm 1
Mem:KB    REAL            VIRTUAL
        Tot   Share      Tot    Share    Free
Act  191564   39548   461348    48380  566632
All  423996   42600  2619680    53448

I'm not sure what Share means in this context?

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