On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 07:09:04PM +1100, Neeraj Arora wrote:
> Hi Geeks, Girls and Guys,
> ...:^)
> I am having a little problem setting up a debian client to derive login
> data from a freebsd nis server. There is no problem when the freebsd nis
> server interacts with freebsd clients, but there is a problem when it
> interacts with a debian gnu/linux client.
> The authentication works when I force a password in the /etc/passwd file
> on the debian gnu/linux system. E.g.:
> +login_whatever:$1$blahblahblah:::::/bin/bash
> +::::::/bin/bash
> But, it does not work when the password has to be sourced from the nis
> server (viz. a freebsd machine). I confirmed that both are
> communicating/operating on nis v2. And moreover, the password on the
> freebsd server are stored in md5 too.

Hi Neeraj,

Not sure if this is the exact problem you have, but Linux NIS (at least the
version on the RedHat boxen I have to deal with) is a bit strange and
doesn't interoperate well with 'foreign' NIS servers.

Take a look at:

This is my answer to a similar question last year, including the changes I
made to the FreeBSD NIS Makefile to generate a shadow password map that
Linux was happy with.  As I said, this was with RedHat 7.x, not Debian, but
they're quite likely using the same NFS code, so this might help you as



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