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> Polytropon wrote:
> > On Fri, 16 Oct 2009 21:29:04 -0400, PJ <af.gour...@videotron.ca>
> wrote:
> >   
> >> It is simple to understand Emglish but not so
> simple what was meant by
> >> whoever wrote it...I cannot correct something that
> I do not uderstand...
> >> come on, man, that should be easy to understand.
> >>     
> >
> > As English is not my native language, I *now*
> understand the
> > meaning of "it should"; in this case, it seems to mean
> something
> > like "basically, it is supposed to, but in this case,
> it does
> > not", regarding the desired action.
> >   

> To be as precise as possible, it means normally it should
> work so go
> ahead; then the question is - what do you mean by
> normally.

You made the blunder of using the word "should" in your definition of "should" 

> In our case above, the instructions were to do the
> operation with the
> disk not in use and the os in SUM. That's very clear. Now,
> I f they
> wanted to point out a bug, the bug means that there is an
> anomaly under
> certain circumstances - and in this case there really is no
> bug as it is
> very clear as to how the instructions should be used. If
> they consider
> the operation under a live files system a bug, then they
> should just
> make a warning and say something along the lines of "do not
> use on live
> system as that may destroy data" or something to that
> effect.

As others have mentioned, context is important. Somebody even suggested a 
re-wording dropping the word "should."

If there was a risk of data-loss, (somebody noted the program refuses to touch 
a live filesystem,) the bugs section would have read something more like:
(Program) SHOULD NOT try writing to a live file-system.

That is to say, the word "should" in a "Bugs" section implies a wish-list item. 
Meaning: it is technically possible, but the maintainers have not done the 
necessary (possibly tedious) work yet.


James Phillips

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