stan wrote:
I am trying to work around some design issues. Some of out FreeBSD macines
must live in a made up domain. As a result from these machines gtes
discarded by an sensible mail handling system.
I have solved this problem on some Soalris machines that also si`uffer from
this same design by settting the doamin macro in thier as


OI know that in FreeBSD I should not edit directly, but instead
should edit the appropriate .mc file, and remake the .cf file. But I cannot
find the documentation as to how to set this particular sendmail macro from
the .mc file

Can anyou give me some guidance here?

/usr/share/sendmail/cf/README documents what you can put into a sendmail .mc
file.  The specific thing you want is:

define(`confDOMAIN_NAME', `$')dnl

Add this to the `hostname`.mc file, and then just type 'make' in /etc/mail to 
generate a .cf file from it.  To generate and install that .cf file and restart 
sendmail to use it all in one, just do:

# make all install restart


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