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           is there a command that when comnpiling a certain pkg will
        tell it
           to forcefully re-do every single dependcy for that
        particular pkg ?

        Judging from the topics of your recent posts, I assume you're
        not using a port managment tools to handling installing and
        upgrading your applications.  Become familar with portmaster
        or portupgrade, you'll save yourself a lot of headache.

-- Adam Vande More

    i use portupgrade .. but atm im getting no options or solutions to
    my problem .. so im trying to think of radical ways an means of
    solving it .. re-installing all dependencies of this pkg im hoping
    will solve my issue

portupgrade -Rf <portname> should do the trick.

This has made a huge difference an has indeed helped to get a lot of troublesome ports done.

Many tnxs for the help :)
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