Steven Seipel schrieb:
I had the same problem. An arrogant person at the freebsd forum said I had a 
lack of resolving, but I didn't know what he was talking about. Someone said to 
edit /etc/rc.conf but that didn't help because it was a read only file.
I reinstalled freebsd all over again and that time it worked. You may need to 
try that. However I haven't yet been able to get it running, and I have the 
popuplar problem of mouse and keyboard not working with xorg. It's pretty 
So all I can suggest is installing the operating system again.
I know what is mean.
I had a problem last year, where i can't install something.
Later i see that our dns server was down and ping wasn't resolved.
After dns server was back all works fine.

One other problem can be active or passive ftp. Last week i want install mailscanner (FreeBSD 8.0 RC1), but nothing with ftp was download. I look for a solution, but environment for ftp passive was set. So i looked at our firewall and see that active ftp was use instead of passive.
I give all ports over 1024 free for it and it works.

Sorry for my bad english :(
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