Hello, all:

I am not terribly familiar with FreeBSD, but I am
learning by getting my hands dirty.  To that end,
I have installed and updated via CVSup, kernel,
system and ports. (5.0-R to 5.0-R p4)

Shortly after that, X started crashing and
dumping me at the command prompt, and then KDE
began having difficulties which caused it to fail
starting programs and interprocess communications
failed as well.

Sensing an opportunity for more experience, I
performed a 'pkg_delete -a' and then a 'make
install" for Xfree86-4.  Eight hours later, when
that was finished, I did a 'make install' for
KDE3 as well.

This has failed.  the script I have recorded
reveals that libmng is what is causing the
failure.  However, there are many error messages,
and I cannot figure out how to transport the
script from FreeBSD to Windows, Linux or a floppy
disk to include in this request for help.

The system I am using is a modified eMachine
running a Cyrix 6x86-266 MHz processor with the
original motherboard.  The RAM has been increased
to 192 megs, and the hard disk is 40 gigs, with a
total of 5 gigs being allocated automatically for
FreeBSD.  TOP revealed that only a bit over 1.6
megs of swap had been used out of a gigabyte of

I have been having a good time learning about
FreeBSD this way, but now I am utterly lost, and
I don't have a GUI anymore with which to seek
help from within FreeBSD.  What do I do from
here?  All help is appreciated.  :)



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