>> >All true, and I did not do a very good job of explaining it. My issue 
>> >was that we have requests to use a CNAME for the domain record. Such as 
>> >this.
>> >
>> >example.com CNAME otherdomain.com
>> >www.example.com CNAME otherdomain.com
>> >
>> >I was taught this was not good form
>> worse, it's illegal.
>how is this illegal?

CNAME rule: 

a node with a CNAME cannot contain any other records. 

for the node domain.tld:

domain.tld. soa ...
domain.tld. ns ...
domain.tld. cname otherdomain.tld.

this node has a CNAME and "other data", so it's illegal, no matter what you 
want to do, or what makes sense to you, or what is convenient for you.


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