hi all ....

this is really weird.
i've must have set up the root password on this new machine i got at least 5 times and after a few reboots this thing forgets it.
i have to go in single user and reset it again and again?!?

what can be the reason?

it'a brand new install of freebsd 7.2 amd64 (amnesiac) ... fits the name...

while i'm on here... the machine comes with an ethernet card on board that according to pciconf there is no driver for it. pciconf identifies the card as Marvell Semiconductor (was: Galileo something...) which according to the handbook needs the msk driver. which is in the generic kernel anyway. the thing is pciconf says no...@pci0:2:0:0 for that card. dmesg doesn't mention anything about msk. and sysinstall doesn't see anything either. so far so awesome...

now... the wireless card i put in. ralink technology. in the office here there is a simple wifi router that is "protected" with WPA password. if i get rid of the password and just use ifconfig to get to the router everything works ok but putting the wpa on again and using the supplicant things suck. ifconfig says the card is associated. and it gets an ip but that's pretty much all that happens. pings to a neighboring machine produce huge dropouts. with 85% packet loss. another awesomeness... and those are pings to ips. dns is pretty much nowhere to be found. sysisntall has <unknown network interface type> for ral0...

so in conclusion:

what's up with the root password amnesia?
what's up with the msk driver card?
and what's up with this wpa supplicant thing?

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