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Adam Vande More wrote:
man msk
many times....  msk should at least show in the dmesg somewhere....

If you have if_msk_load="YES" in /boot/loader.conf, it should.
A message for dmesg is issued at the moment the driver is
loaded successfully. Is your particular card listed in the
manual's section "HARDWARE"?

i did have that but it complain that it's already loaded. so i took that off. after a bit more research i just sent this to the net list:

does anybody here know if freebsd has a driver for Marvell 88E8057 nic chip?

according to the kernel list of drivers (7.2) marvell chips are driven by the msk driver. but it doesn't show up in pciconf, dmesg or sysinstall.... strangely enough 88E8057 is not in the list in man msk. although 88E8056 and 88E8058 are. is this just bad luck?!

thanks Polytropon...

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