herbert langhans wrote:
Hi Daemons,
I need some basic information about Wifi routers - very little I know about it.

There is my FreeBSD-server (the other one is Linux) and some clients are 
connected with a LAN-switch.

Now I want to add a Wifi Router to the network. I am not sure if I can set up the router without using some Windows software what comes with the router.
My questions:
I just connect the Wifi router to the LAN and it should work? Or do I need any 
software (drivers) to keep the thing running?

There must be some software to 'talk' to the router - for setup. Is there 
anything available for FreeBSD or do I need Windows environment (what I dont 
have available)? What did you use to install your Wifi-router?

It depends on the router. Many if not most routers provide a web based configuration tool, but a special application may be needed to update firmware.

I have an airport extreme, works great, but no web interface. My DSL is a 3Com with WiFi, it also has a web interface. I have seen routers that allows a commandline configuration tool, connect with ssh or telnet and upload or download the configuration with ftp.

BR, Erik
Erik Nørgaard
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