On Oct 26, 2009, at 10:03 AM, Ray Still wrote:
I am adding a redundant Internet connection to my current hosting setup and
I need to figure out how to set up the DNS to make this work.

The two issues normally aren't related.

If both connections are from the same provider, talk to them about multilink PPP; if they are from different providers, you need to look into multihoming and getting your own AS #.

Current setup:
freebsd 7.0 machine, one local IP address, runs web, mail, and name server.
static ip address in router.
I have two DNS servers registered, but they both point to the same ip
address an the same machine. (Yes, I should have my fingers slapped.)

Desired setup
same machine, one local IP address, runs web, mail, and name server.
different router (Linksys RV082) with 2 static ip address.

In order to have redundancy, you need to have two real, separate machines, each of which is running BIND, each of which is on a separate routable IP. This is an orthogonal issue to setting up multiple Internet connections.

How do I set up bind so that
1) bandwidth is shared between the two connections,
2) if one goes down, the other keeps working.
I had a few ideas, but they all seem to have flaws.

You can't set up BIND to control multilink aggregation and failover; that's not what it does.


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