I run FreeBSD 4.7

My goal is to connect from the internet to my FTP which is running on my 
internal network at <internal ip>:6666. So I figured to use port redirection 
on my FreeBSD NAT/router.Which consists of 2 nic, rl0 <public ip> and rl1 
<internal ip>.

defaultrouter=<public ip adress>
natd_flags="-s -u -m redirect_port tcp <internal ip>:6666 6666 redirect_port 
udp <internal ip>:6666 6666"

Is this enough to let it work ?  I can't connect with an ftp client from one 
of the internal ip adresses to my public adress. The firewall is configured 

Should I add a rule like this:

$fwcmd add pass tcp from any 6666 to any 6666
$fwcmd add pass udp from any 6666 to any 6666

to let it work? Maybe add a keep-state rule...?

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