Every time I start xdm I get the following message on ttyv0,

xdm: pam_sm_close_session(): no utmp record for :0

Everything seems to work just fine. I can log in, and everything runs as expected, so it's basically just an annoyance, especially since I don't know whether I should be concerned about security.

The only things I've changed from the default xdm config are the size and position of the xconsole window xdm launches and the background (instead of the standard vanilla one, I run an xscreensaver hack), and those are changes I've had for about 10 years without any problems.

This error message started showing up quite recently. I believe it happened when upgrading to 8.0, but I'm not sure exactly at what point. I've been running 8.0 since BETA1 and I'm now on RC1, and the message, I believe, started appearing some time at or after upgrading from 7.2-RELEASE-p? to 8.0-BETA1.

I've run amd64 for about 2 years, but last week I moved back to i386, because I got tired of waiting for a decent 64 bit nVidia driver. The message has been there in the amd64 version and is still there after moving back to i386, so no change there.

I've not changed anything in the PAM configuration; I simply don't know how.

So, my questions are:

1. Should I be concerned about it?

2. How do I fix it?

If you need any more info, please let me know. I'll be happy to post any config files, e.g. xorg.conf or my KERNCONF file (perhaps I've missed something important in the kernel?)

Any help appreciated.


Rolf Nielsen
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