Hi Everyone,
I'm in a bit of a situation.  I have a production system that is to remain
up, it acts as a web server for several virtual domains, and has a web
based interface written in perl which integrates among other things Apache
with many modules, qMail (mySQL Powered), and BIND DNS.  The versions of
Apache and PHP are getting a little out of date so I would like to make a
replicated version of the server here in order to test out upgrading the
system to make sure I don't run in to a hitch on the production system.  I
have the list of ports installed in /var/db/pkg, but I don't think just
installing them would provide a real replication of the system, is there
any way I can just put the system files ( without the hosted sites for
space sake ) in a tarball and replicate the installation?

Is there anyone that might be able to fill me in on the best process I
should use to get a perfectly (or close enough) replication of the
production system? Thanks!

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