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> On Wed, 28 Oct 2009 22:25:53 +0100
> You don't really believe that do you. Web creators attempt to make their
> sites accessible to the largest possible audience. It is probably cost
> prohibited, if even reasonably possible to make a site 100% viewable in
> every browsers (don't forget lynxs) available. Any intelligent business
> plan would dictate that they therefore concentrate on the largest
> possible audience.
> This problem, like the nVidea 64 bit drivers, rests with FreeBSD. You
> simply cannot expect any software developer to develop and maintain a
> product for what is in reality a niche OS.
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> Jerry
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Nvidia 64 is a different animal.  They have communicated why they didn't
release such a driver, and my understanding is that most or all of those
shortcomings have been remedied in 8 making discussion of a new amd64 binary
possible now.  It is also my understanding FreeBSD in one form or another
has attempted to bridge to gap with adobe, and haven't received feedback and
are basically ignored.  Disdain could easily be interpreted by such a
response.  I'm unclear as to what you expect FreeBSD to do in such a

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