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How but some ascii art that animates Beastie walking across the screen or 
something? A little creativity?

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my company is going to shoot a TV spot that will show me at work.
The first thing my desktop will contain is some BSD/FreeBSD logo.

As it will be a movie, not a photograph, I would like to have huge
columns of numbers running over the screen or at least one window.
Does somebody know a programm that produces such nice output?

Thanks in advance.


Nice output so far. I like seeing all these examples Polytropon's to be

Here is another one for you that is a little unique that you might not see on
every computer out there.

Integer Sequences database located here:
fetch http://www.research.att.com/~njas/sequences/stripped.gz

Put some real previous work back to work!. ;)

sed & awk that file to your liking to change commas spaces or such around so
it can be spilled out to a terminal then toil the end result with the
something like the following.

# For bourne style shells.
for line in `zcat stripped.gz`; do echo $line && sleep .09 ;done

The above command on that file will show you the reason why some awk'ing
might be needed but that's up to you.

Best of luck.

For extra added effect make things a little bit larger.
xterm -fn 12x24 -geometry 80x30+0+0 -bw 0 -T "Your favorite title here."

Load up logo_saver.ko on a VM, record the output with XVidCap on the hosting machine & play it back with mplayer -vo aa. ;) loop until happy.


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