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        so: what is the URL to download the 8.0-PRE freebsd....?

        wait, i thought the duo core is 64bits.  still 32?

All Intel processors produced in the last few years have been 64bit
capable, including anything labelled 'core2'.  You need to install the
amd64 architecture binaries to get the system running in 64bit mode
though, even though it's an Intel chip.

Likewise, all Intel and AMD processors support running in 32bit mode,
and you need to install the i386 architecture binaries to achieve that, irrespective of who actually manufactured your processor chips.

As to which variant you should install? For servers, I'd go 64bit pretty much automatically. For desktops, especially if you need 3D
graphics performance you're somewhat limited by the support available
for your graphics adapter.  There are 64bit drivers for various ATI
cards, but I can't tell off hand if the one you have is supported.
If it is, or if you don't care about 3D graphics support, then go 64bit.

Apart from anything else, 64bit-ness means you can install and use a
lot more RAM, and more RAM is a relatively cheap solution to a lot
of computing problems.



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