On Fri, 30 Oct 2009, Neil Short wrote:

  AFFECTS: users of x11-servers/xorg-server
  AUTHOR: rnol...@freebsd.org

I hate to say this; but I carefully read the UPDATING log you quoted and used the solution suggested - which did not work for me.

It was a temporary solution to a short-term bug.  The very next entry:

  AFFECTS: users of x11-servers/xorg-server, sysutils/hal
  AUTHOR: rnol...@freebsd.org

  sysutils/hal has been updated and should now properly detect mice for
  in X.org.  Use of AllowEmptyInput should no longer be needed for most
  users and moused should now work fine.

Like the forum entries with the obsolete information on installing Flash, it keeps coming back.

It sounds like there is some special extra installation required - and I have not found the details on it.

The Handbook entry on X configuration is mostly complete and correct:


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