On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 11:37:53PM -0500, Paul Lathrop wrote:
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> I must admit I feel silly having to ask, but I've been banging my head 
> against this for a couple days now and I am completely stumped.
> I just recently switched from Slackware Linux 8.0 to FreeBSD. There are 
> a couple of scripts I use for my own convenience that I ran setuid root 
> on my Linux box. All that I had to do was make sure the scripts were 
> owned by root, and then do a chmod 4711 on them to make it work in 
> Linux. I just set up a script on FreeBSD - the first time I've actually 
> done it since I switched. I followed the same procedure, but when I run 
> the script as a normal user, it does not run with elevated priveleges.

Dunno about Linux, but every other modern UNIX out there doesn't allow
setuid scripts.
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