Thank you for your advice, I tried to restart dhcpd a few times and I also 
tried about 10+ dhcpd.conf-s.
Right now it's reinstalling the port.

From: Tim Judd <>
To: Dánielisz László <>
Sent: Mon, November 2, 2009 5:16:58 PM
Subject: Re: dhcpd related issue - not giving up

On 11/2/09, Dánielisz László <> wrote:
> I tried about 10 conf, here is the actual one:
> # cat /usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf
> authoritative;
> ddns-update-style none;
> subnet netmask {
>   option routers;
> pool {
>            option domain-name-servers;
>            max-lease-time 300;
>            range;
>            allow unknown-clients;
>          }
> }

It looks awkward...
  I don't recall ever seeing a pool inside a subnet declaration like this.
A subnet declaration can use all the declaration in your pool.

Pure curiousity, because I am not looking up the config syntax..
comment out (or delete) the pool { and } lines only.  which bring the
statements to the subnet clause.

restart dhcpd, and retry

IIRC, pools are only useful if you have two pool definitions.

thanks...  hope this works.
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