Nathan Kinkade wrote to Ryan Thompson:

> > Unfortunately, that idea has, so far, been the *last* thing to
> > come to mind. Any *other* ideas? :-)
> >
> > Thanks, - Ryan
> Could you have Server start an xterm, or similar, and have it send
> the display to Manager - with something like 'xterm -display
> Manager:0' from Server?  This is assuming that you are running X on
> Manager.

That's a reasonable idea. Thanks.

Neither Manager nor Server have X installed (and, typically, Manager
itself is accessed remotely, too), but I suppose that isn't out of the

Once it's deployed, Server will be a thousand kilometers away from
here in a locked office, sans head, sans in-house IT. Remote
managability is therefore somewhat of a necessity. :-)

- Ryan

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