Paul B Mahol wrote:
On 10/23/09, Yuri <> wrote:
I tried to make system hybernate with 'acpiconf -s4' on my laptop.
It quickly turned off, but when I press the power button it boots like
no hybernate and begins to check disks.

What can be wrong?

OS S4 is not implemented, but BIOS S4 is possible on some machines ...
And on 8.0 and 9.0 i386 SMP doesnt resume properly (amd64 works).

'acpiconf -s4' also brings laptop to unwakeable state. Power button begins to 
flash, when I press any button there is some disk activity, power button light 
turns on. And nothing happens.
'apm -z' produces similar result.

Maybe it's better to ask what works?
Is there any way I can use suspend/sleep mode? Any basic way to make it sleep?


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