On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 11:32:00PM -0600, Ryan Thompson wrote:
> (So, it is not possible, for instance, to set up port based NAT for
> inbound SSH, which is one of two things I'd normally do). The server
> can, however, initiate arbitrary outbound connections.

Then I'd suggest creating a ppp-over-ssh tunnel ala Greg Bond's


Have (Server) initiate the tunnel, and let the other end of the tunnel
terminate at (Manager).  You can then use the tunnel to effectively bypass 
the NT NAT box.

>                <--- NAT --->
> [ Server ] --- [ NT Gateway ] --- { Internet } --- [ Manager ]
      tun0                                               tun0 <------------------------------------>

Once the tunnel comes up, (Manager) should be able to ssh at will 
into interactively.

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