Hello Folks,
I am a newbie to FreeBSD. I got a 40GB IDE Seagate Cheetah connected to the Primary as the master and a Samsung CD-ROM SC-152C as a slave to the Hard Drive. I have also got a Samsung CD Writer SW-212B connected to the secondary controller as master. When I boot FreeBSD-4.7-Release it fails to recognise my CDROM Drive. I can see entries like "ATA Device Identification Retries Exceeded". Just for an experiment I tried to connect the CDROM as a slave to the CD Writer on the Secondary. This time it worked fine. I cant keep my CDROM and CDWRITER on the same controller as I need to copy on-the-Fly. Can you please help me to make my CDROM work as a slave to the HD?

Subhro Sankha Kar

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