On Monday 10 March 2003 03:02 am, Martin Karlsson wrote:
> * Matt Navarre <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2003-03-08 20.46 -0800]:
> > hello,
> > Does anyone know how to get python (and perl for that matter) support
> > compiled into the vim port? The Makefile has a line that says
> > WITH_PYTHON=    yes but looking at the output of configure the
> > --enable-pythoninterp argument is not getting passed to configure. Is
> > there some magic incantation of make to get python in there?
> Doing make "WITH_PYTHON=yes" does it for me (that is, I don't see it
> in the output of configure, but issuing :version from within Vim shows
> +python).
Yup, that got it. looking at the makefile it looked like the conditions should 
be met but obviously wern't. Anyhoo I now have a vim with perl and python 
built in. Thanks!

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