I apologize if I was not clear enough. I answer youe questions and try
to be more clear at the bottom.

> > I have this stupide little configuration that I cannot manage to get 
> > working.
> > 
> > I have one machine a.domain.net that I want to be able to deliver
> > system mail (like cron and so on) with the following rules:
> > 
> > - user1 on a.domain.net has the same username as on domain.net; I
> >   want that mail sent to user1 is delivered to us...@domain.net;
> An alias will do that.

Only I don't want to define an alias for each and every user.

> > - user2 on a.domain.net has no corresponding user on domain.net, but
> >   it has an alias defined; I want to mail sent to user2 is delivered
> >   to the alias.
> Creating an alias for a nonexistent user seems to work here.

user2 aliases to an existing account on some other place.

> > - of course, mail addressed to a full address x...@y.z should be
> >   delivered accordingly, eventually using a mail relay.
> > I tried using masquerade in submit.mc,
> I don't edit submit.mc, just <hostname>.mc.

I shall try that.

> >  user1 is then rewritten as user1.domain.net,
> That's the masquerade...  Wait, is that a typo?  Should be 
> "us...@domain.net"?

Right, that was a typo.

> > but the alias for user2 is not parsed
> newaliases(1) is needed after editing /etc/mail/aliases.  And there is a 
> bug if you're using 8.0:

Yes I did newaliases and the version of sendmail is the default with
FreeBSD, that must be 8.14.3

> Masquerade again.  Not clear whether that's what you want.

How to configure sendmail on a.domain.net so that:

1) users with an alias defined in /etc/mail/aliases have their
  messages sent to the alias;

2) users with no alias have their mail sent to u...@domain.net (same

It seems that masquerade does the part 2) but users in 1) are not sent
to the alias.

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