> Been browsing for a bit (knowing I will get some rtfm responses from this) but
> havnt come across a solid answer for this.  Most solutions involve NAT or some
> other non-routable ip block type of solution.
> Have the following ( used in place of routable addresses)
> - Internet connection coming into port 1 of Cisco switch(switch address
> - Other FreeBSD servers( - connected to various
> ports on the switch using the switch as the gateway device.
> - Other networks( etc...) connected to the switch which is
> bridging them over to the internet connection out of port 1.
> Wish to place a FreeBSD server in front of the switch to count traffic to and
> from various IP addresses for the entire network.
> NIC1 on the FreeBSD box would go to the Internet Connection
> NIC2 on the FreeBSD box would go to the switch.
> All addresses used are routable(3 /24 blocks will be coming down to NIC1), and
> all addresses/packets should be passed through without any NAT or other
> readdressing taking place. Aside from telnetting into the box itself, it doesn't
> need any IP addresses except for whatever is needed for the above setup.
> Comments appreciated, this would be my first implementation of ipfw / fw rules
> in general using a FreeBSD box.

In your kernel:

options BRIDGE
options IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE_LIMIT=xx # where xx == any number

In /etc/sysctl.conf


No IP's needed now. You could put one on the switch side of the box, for
ssh access. Then your IP's can be placed directly on the servers

This setup (bridged) is great because if for some reason the bridge fails,
or it needs to be taken offline, you can pull the wire from the bridge,
plug it back into the switch and your immediatly back in business. (of
course less your firewall).

If you need help with this, I will be happy to give you more info. I have
this exact setup in two places at this ISP I work for, plus I use it at
home to protect the integrity of my wireless lan (this one is running
IPSec however). What first took me months of R&D to implement, now takes
me minutes.


> Dave
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