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The RAID-1 volume I'm using right now is with two drives attached to
a non-RAID card with a Promise chipset.

Does it work if you move the two drives to another machine without a Promise, Highpoint, or other RAID controller card or MB chipset...?

Hardware based RAID is likely to be faster, particularly in the case
of parity calculations for RAID-5.  (Not that many IDE controllers can
do RAID-5, but...)
It would be, but the RAID on the Promise and Highpoint devices is not
true hardware RAID. It's just software RAID with the drivers moved over
to an EPROM on the card.

When you write to a RAID-1 mirror on such a device, does the CPU and PCI bus see two copies of the data? Or does the Promise or HPT deal with distributing the data across the right devices itself?

> I know from my own experience and that of
other people that the Linux software RAID outperforms the "hardware"
RAID of these devices.  I'm willing to bet that the FreeBSD RAID at
least comes close, if not betters the Linux performance.

Software-based RAID can do fine for things like -0 & -1; but without numbers, subjective discussion of performance can be misleading....


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