Curious, how did you get it installed?

My motherboard doesn't have an IDE port (so, no IDE CD-ROM) and don't think booting from USB-CDROM is supported

Booting from USB Flash drive works?

David Rawling wrote:
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I see supermicro and potentially others have atom servers available, anyone tried these on freebsd with success?


Hi Brian

Indeed, I have a FreeBSD 8.0RC1 system running as my primary time
server for the home network. Since it's an Atom 330, it fully
supports 64-bit mode (an opportunity I have grasped with both hands).

The board I happen to be using is an Intel DG945GCLF2 - a clone
board with just 1 DIMM slot and two SATA ports. Everything I need
to have supported Just Worked out of the box.

The server itself is running at a very low load level:

timeserver ~ 15> uptime
 1:00PM  up 6 days, 12:38, 1 user, load averages: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

I can provide the output of most any other commands if you'd like
to see anything specific. I rather suspect that the Supermicro and
other server-class Atoms will still be using the Intel 945 or
similar chipsets.

David Rawling
PD Consulting And Security
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