On Monday 16 November 2009 00:12, Mel Flynn wrote:
> Did the operator uid change or perhaps shared with another uid?
> Check both `id operator` and `id 2`.
> Secondly, why did this stop? Seems like a weird question to ask, but since
> this script is supposed to run every 11 minutes, there should not be a
>  reason for this to stop, if there's a race condition.
# id operator
uid=2(operator) gid=5(operator) groups=5(operator)
# id 2
uid=2(operator) gid=5(operator) groups=5(operator)

As for the orer part, why did it stop, i really have no clue. All the messages 
arrived at root's mailbox at 5:57, tho the date in them said that they were 
sent at 5:50.
It's really strange because I was locked out from the computer at 2:29, so 
it's not something I did. and there's nothing that cron runs at that time.

by the way: 
the mails that i got were not only about /var/db/entropy/saved-entropy.2, but 
/var/db/entropy/saved-entropy.{1,2,3,4,5,6,8} as well

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