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Subject:                disabling sendmail and using postfix
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Date sent:              Tue, 11 Mar 2003 17:34:20 +0100

> Hi,
> (freebsd newbie)
> I've installed postfix from ports. At the end of the
> installion script I was asked if it should modify the
> /etc/mail/mailer.conf file which I answered with yes!
> My question is, how is postfix started? It did not install
> a .sh file in /usr/local/etc/rc.d.
Was all set up for you

> Is still started with the sendmail_enable="yes" variable in
> rc.conf or do I have to set sendmail_enable="NONE", and add
> something different to use postfix?
Just after hitting YES above you shuld have seen the following:

If you have postfix configured in your /etc/mail/mailer.conf (answered 
yes to the previous question) and would like to enable postfix to start at 
boot time, please set these variables in your /etc/rc.conf file:


This will disable Sendmail completely.

> What other "specific freebsd" files do I have to or should
> I modify when using postfix (for example like make.conf)?
> Where can I find more info when using postfix on freebsd?
If you want to do something different from standard setup, you may want 
to edit some of the files in /etc/mail after studying the documentation.

> Thanks a lot
> Didier

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