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It's also worth remembering that open source projects like xorg give
the users the rare privilege of being able to make a difference.  Test
code, provide hardware, document bugs or fixes, do or fund development.

If that were true, it might be worth noting. Unfortunately, it rarely
works like that.  I recently started using a Logitech wireless
mouse/keyboard. Of course the mouse did not work in "X", although it
performed fine outside of "X". After investing valuable time in
Googling for a solution, I ended up editing files for HAL and adding

Section "ServerFlags"
   Option         "AllowEmptyInput" "OFF"

to the 'xorg.conf' file.

It appears the thread has mutated from "it's unpleasant when X changes" to "why doesn't xorg support my hardware?" Which are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Honestly, that is not acceptable.

Evidently no one has been in the position to fix the problem. The opportunity is there, as I was saying above. Certainly there have been reports of problems with wireless keyboard/mouse of several brands; maybe a slightly different protocol with the wireless versions.

Whether the problem is with hal or xorg-server or the keyboard and mouse drivers or USB or some interaction, I don't know. You have the hardware; how about doing some research to help improve this? Just knowing what causes the problem would be a long way towards a real solution.

On every Windows and MAC system I tested, the combo works without this garbage. It just works. No drivers to install, unless I want the extended capabilities of the keyboard/mouse. Why does it have to be so freak-in difficult here.

Because the number of people using xorg are so small in relation to Windows and OS X.

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA
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