I'm new to freebsd but I have set up a couple of systems successfully
before.  My current problem is with a Dell Inspiron 7000 notebook.  I have
installed freebsd 4.6 with x running Gnome destop and all is well.  The
problems is that the network pci is not working.  I did not have this
computer connected to the Internet during the install but the card was in
the pci slot.  It is a 3 comm Megahertz card model 3cxem556 b.  Both
computer and card are about 5 years old.  When I try to add additional
network devices I get "faith0 <unknown network interface device>  I can
still configure it but it doesn't work.

I'm assuming its some kind of missing driver or a step I missed during the
setup process?? If it is a driver I would need to know where to locate one
an how to install it...what directory, etc.  As well as any suggestions
for working around the lack of a network connection.  I do have another
machine running the same os with a network connection.  I could use a
floppy drive to move files.....

Any help is appreciated



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