I'm experimenting with jails. I have installed a 7.2 stable FreeBSD inside vmware. Then I have created two jails, using the method written in the handbook:


The only thing that didn't work is this:

cd /etc
make distribution DESTDIR=$D

I really think that it should be corrected to:

cd /usr/src
make distribution DESTDIR=$D

After mounting devfs ("mount -t devfs devfs /vm1/dev") I try to start it:

/etc/rc.d/vm1 start vm1

But then I get this error in syslog:

bind: Can't assign requested address

Here is the config from /etc/rc.conf (in the host):

jail_enable="YES" # Set to NO to disable starting of any jails jail_list="vm1 vm2" # Space separated list of names of jails

jail_vm1_rootdir="/vm1"              # jail's root directory
jail_vm1_hostname="vm1.localdomain"  # jail's hostname
jail_vm1_ip=""           # jail's IP address
jail_vm1_devfs_enable="YES"          # mount devfs in the jail
jail_vm1_devfs_ruleset="vm1_ruleset" # devfs ruleset to apply to jail

jail_vm2_rootdir="/vm2"              # jail's root directory
jail_vm2_hostname="vm2.localdomain"  # jail's hostname
jail_vm2_ip=""           # jail's IP address
jail_vm2_devfs_enable="YES"          # mount devfs in the jail
jail_vm2_devfs_ruleset="vm2_ruleset" # devfs ruleset to apply to jail

Please help.

Thank you,


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