On Nov 17, 2009, at 7:51 AM, Ian Smith wrote:
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For instance, I've got two Fujitsu 5400rpm 2.5" drives in two laptops,
one MHV2040AH with near 19,000 hours on it, and a much newer MHV2120AH,
40 and 120GB respectively.  Nice quiet low-power laptop drives, fwiw.

Both show as (more recently) being in the smartctl database, and both
show _exactly_ the same values for this one:

5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct 0x0033 100 100 024 Pre-fail Always - 8589934592000

Now if that were a number of 512-byte sectors, it'd be 4096000 GB! :)
but both drives are 100% ok, as the VALUE / WORST figures show.

I wouldn't conclude that the drives were 100% OK from that line, although they *might* be; I'd conclude that the drives aren't implementing this SMART field correctly in their firmware. Are you using the latest version of smartctl-- updates to that can sometimes better interpret vendor-specific odditities.


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