Hi all,

I hope you'll forgive a sendmail question that's not FreeBSD specific - 
immediate application is for a Debian Linux system running sendmail 8.13 
- but I assume it's most likely applicable to a similar FreeBSD system.

We need to (re)create a number of user accounts for Samba to service a 
nest of windows boxes, but do not want these accounts to be able to send 
or receive email, rather restricting mail access to only a few accounts, 
on a box that runs DNS, apache2, mail, audio streaming (fwiw) and Samba 
access to various fileshares, including users' home directories.

I figure we can deny each would-be email address using both From: and 
To: entries in /etc/mail/access, but I'm wondering if there's an easier 
way that doesn't involve creating such entries for each new account?

(Please don't even mention LDAP)

cheers, Ian
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