Christopher Nehren wrote:
I'm running FreeBSD as the only operating system on my home machine,
using Comcast non-professional as my ISP. My problem is that send-pr is
written to use a local mail daemon to send mail to the GNATS submission
site. Running a mail daemon, however, is strictly and expressly
prohibited by Comcast's Terms of Service. Is there another way of
submitting bug reports that doesn't require me to either breach my
contract with my ISP, or manually copy and paste text for each report
(yes, I've checked the web interface, which is 'currently disabled')?

Just configure sendmail for local submission only (see the docs on rc.conf and the new configuratin options for sendmail) That is NOT in breach of your contract since sendmail is NOT running as a daemon at that point.

If you're worried about false accusations ... running sendmail in local
submission mode will not expose an SMTP port to the network, nor will
it look any different when it delivers than any other mail sending program.
Just make sure to configure smart host to send to your ISPs mail gateway.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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