Is it possible to find out how much a process have used CPU user time/system time/IO operations for now by it's pid? Like in sa, but for running process.

Dan, Mel, thanks for your answers. I examined 'ps' sources and decided to use kvm_getprocs() and rusage structure.

I am trying to create a daemon that would report system accounting stats for every X seconds, let's say 10. 'sa' reports about terminated processes only, but it would be nice to have more detailed system usage stats per user for a given time interval (i.e. last 10 seconds), including tasks that are not finished at the moment of querying.

I can achieve this by querying list of processes each 10 seconds and producing diffs between previous and current list, saving these to some log and combining data with /var/account/acct file.

The only thing I do not want to do is to invent a wheel ;-) I googled much for such solutions, but did not find any. May be someone knows existing products that has this functionality already?

Thanks in advance.
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