> Just configure sendmail for local submission only (see the docs on rc.conf
> and the new configuratin options for sendmail)  That is NOT in breach of
> your contract since sendmail is NOT running as a daemon at that point.

Actually, it *is* running as a daemon. Specifically, it's running a
queue browser to deliver stalled mail from the queue every 30 minutes
- at least, that's how defaults/rc.conf sets things up.

> If you're worried about false accusations ... running sendmail in local
> submission mode will not expose an SMTP port to the network, nor will
> it look any different when it delivers than any other mail sending program.
> Just make sure to configure smart host to send to your ISPs mail gateway.

Sendmail (used to?) open a port for "local submissions" when run in
submit mode. If his ISP does generic port scans, they may pick that
up. You may be able to disable it in sendmail, and you can certainly
block it with your firewall of choice. The third alternatve is to
install a mail system that doesn't have a local port in submit-only

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