> >I've always used FreeBSD on machines connected to the internet... so I
> >have never experienced installing applications offline.
> >My question is: Is it possible to install applications (using the port
> >collection ) on a machine that's not connected to the internet?
> >If yes, what are the requirements?
> Once you disconnect from the network, you have to do all of the
> dependency checking, downloading, transferring, building, etc
> manually. It won't be fun.

No, all you have to do is download the files manually. Once they in
/usr/ports/distfiles, you can use the standard ports makefiles to
build and install things.

The real catch is that you have to fetch all the dependency distfiles
for the port as well as it's distfile. If you have a part-time
connection, you can do "make fetch-recursive" while you're online, and
the ports system will fetch all the dependencies for you. Second best
is to do "make fetchrecursive with DISTDIR pointing at an empty
directory which you're going to populate and transfer to your
system. Worst is to do "make all-depends-list" to get the complete
dependency list, then go to each port listed and see what it fetches,
then fetch and transfer them independently.

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