Mike Clarke said the following on 2009-11-21 10:03:
On Saturday 21 November 2009, Bernt Hansson wrote:

Ok. I've tested this
dump -1 -a -u -L -C 64 -h 0 -f
/usr/home/bernt/disk2/dump.backup.home.2 /usr/home

The error is
mksnap_ffs: Cannot create /usr/home/.snap/dump_snapshot: Invalid
argument dump: Cannot create /usr/home/.snap/dump_snapshot: No such
file or directory

Does the .snap directory exist, and with the correct ownership and permissions?

Yes and yes
drwxrwx---   2 root   operator   512 16 Nov 19:19 .snap

From the man page:

"If the .snap directory does not exist in the root of the file system being dumped, a warning will be issued and the dump will revert to the standard behavior. This problem can be corrected by creating a .snap directory in the root of the file system to be dumped; its owner should be ``root'', its group should be ``operator'', and its mode should be ``0770''."

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