Thanks to all who replied.  It's working now, apparently spontaneously.  It may 
have started as a connection problem--that's all I can think of.  The first 
time I plugged it in and rebooted, the error occurred.  I tried moving it to 
other ports, but I neglected to reboot--after all, USB is supposed to be 
hot-pluggable, unlike the PS/2 keyboard, right?

At some point, the error messages stopped after a reboot.  I can only speculate 
that there was something in the first USB connector that prevented a good 
contact, and that it got scraped out after a move or two.

Anyone know why the USB/mouse system can't recognize a connection after a 
reboot, or what administrator action might allow it?

Now I have to get the nvidia driver up.  Cross your fingers.

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