Chris Rees said the following on 2009-11-21 17:44:
2009/11/21 Bernt Hansson <>:
Matthew Seaman skrev:
Bernt Hansson wrote:
Hello list.

I've been testing backups with dump, works well BUT
-L does not work. For example

dump -0 -a -u -L -f /mnt/dump.home.full /dev/ad0s2d
I believe that you need to tell dump the mount point of the file system in
order for it to create a snapshot, rather than the device file for the
partition. (ie. snapshotting only makes sense on a mounted read-write

Also, if you're dumping a snapshotted FS to a local file, then bump up the
cachesize to improve performance a lot.  Add '-C 32' to your command-line.
Ok. I've tested this
dump -1 -a -u -L -C 64 -h 0 -f /usr/home/bernt/disk2/dump.backup.home.2

The error is
mksnap_ffs: Cannot create /usr/home/.snap/dump_snapshot: Invalid argument
dump: Cannot create /usr/home/.snap/dump_snapshot: No such file or directory

Just for sanity... Are you root?



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