On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 06:40:37AM +0000, Marwan Sultan typed:
> > lastly, what format is used in the whitelist? is it similar
> > to what i have in /etc/mail/access?
>  Well, I never change the whitelist, my openwebmail generates the data 
> Automaticaly.
>  You will not need to touch the file, as your webmail client will do it.
>  However to answer your question its as
>  whitelist_from  u...@xxx.xxx
>  whitelist_from  *...@xxx.xxx

This may be confusing, as this thread started about spamassassins 
auto_whitelist feature.
Sure you can have your webmail or other client generate seperate whitelists as 
describe here, but the auto_whitelist file really is maintained by SA only, and 
in Berkeley DB format.

Here's how it works:



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